RDH BLASTINGS and COATINGS - Did not complete entire job, just did a cover up yet I was charged $176 more than the estimate because they said there was more to do than they thought, the paint was peeling off within a month

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I took my truck in to have a dent pulled from the hood and some rust removed from the quarter panel, I was given an estimate of $1150, they were going to sand blast the rust, prime and re-paint both quarter panels and pop the dent and blast, prime and paint the hood for anoth $950, total of $2100.I picked my truck up and when I saw it I mentioned to this guy Mike who workes there that the paint didn't look very blended to me, he said to give it a day or two and let the sun finish the job, i noticed when i got home that where the dent had been was still visible, this really ticked me off, I called the office and got the secretary who did not have a clue what she was talking about and she basically told me that because I had paid cash and not said anything before I left then I was SOL.

I told her I wanted to talk to Heath, the foreman about it and her reply was that "that A-hole (she said the work) doesn't work here anymore" so I asked to talk to Ryan the goof who owns the company, she said she would give him the message, it has been 2 months and at least 8 phone calls and i still havent talked to him. The paint on the quarter panels started chipping off after about two months, I ended up taking the truck somewhere else, I should have gone there from the beginning but rdh used to be a good honest shop, not anymore.

Anyway the new place told me that there was no way that my truck pieces had been blasted, said they had a lot of coats of primer (low grade) and less than half the amount of paint that they should have had.this is one example of a business that used to be good and trustworthy going down the tubes, my advice stay away from here, you would be better off doing the work yourself

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